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Basic Eating Healthy Consultation

Basic evaluation of your current eating habits and nutritional status, offering strategic tools and techniques to help you achieve a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. 4-week nutrition coaching plan.

This package includes:

  • Initial nutrition assessment (90min)

  • Individual treatment plan

  • Foods and moods journal

  • Follow-up session 

  • 10% off nutritional supplements

  • Unlimited email support for 4 weeks

  • Additional follow-ups $99 (60 min)


Comprehensive, Customized Healthy Lifestyle Program

A 6-week personalized plan based on your specific wellness needs and goals. 

This package includes:

  • Initial nutritional assessment (90 min)

  • IgG food allergy and sensitivity panel

  • Individual treatment plan

  • Foods and moods journal

  • Two 30 minute follow-up sessions over the phone or Skype

  • Unlimited email support for 6 weeks

  • 15% off nutritional supplements 

  • Reiki or Hypnotherapy session

  • Additional follow-ups $89 (60min)


Wellness Optimizer

Optimize your journey toward maximal wellness with this comprehensive 8-week plan that's catered to each individual’s needs. This specialized service puts individuals on the right track to healthy eating and living. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with these great tools and techniques.

This package includes:

  • Personal health assessment (90 min)

  • Customized nutrition portfolio

  • Customized meal plan and recipes

  • Helpful handouts and guides

  • IgG food allergy and sensitivity panel

  • Foods and moods journal

  • Three 30 minute follow-up sessions over the phone or Skype

  • Unlimited email support for 8 weeks

  • 20% off nutritional supplements

  • Reiki session

  • Personalized hypnotherapy session

  • Additional follow-ups $79 (60 min)


Optimum health, wellness, leaning and success

A 4-week personalized plan that provides hands on guidance in helping kids and teens improve their eating habits.  

This includes:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding health problems due to excess body fat

  • Eating healthy to balance mood swings

  • Essential nutrients for proper growth and development

  • Acne prevention through proper nutrition

  • Adopt healthy eating habits for growing athletes

  • Strengthening gut health

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