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Got Juice? Wellness Center Mission Statement

My mission is to help heal everyone I serve physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that they can manifest the life they desire.


Got Juice? Juice Bar Mission Statement

The mission of Got Juice? Organic Juice Bar is to create juices to empower your body, enlighten your mind and to promote healing, harmony and vitality, by flooding every cell with essential nutrients.


Got Juice? Wellness Center & Juice Bar Core Values

  1. Committed to mind and body wellness – embracing all aspects of wellness: mind, body, spirit, emotions and relationships.  This is the framework for achieving total health.

  2. Purpose Driven – there is a great need in our society for peace and healing for your mind and body and I am here to help create just that.

  3. Helpful – sharing expertise and knowledge with clients

  4. Being a good listener – making sure every client is being heard and respecting their decision and choice

  5. Happy and caring – taking actions that bring happiness to me and the ones I serve, caring for my clients and honoring their needs

  6. Passion – I love being a healer and it shows through my work

  7. Integrity – I believe in honesty and integrity in everything I do

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